[vimeo 74441636]
STUDENT Ali Heraize, Raha Elgohary, Mohamed Aboelwafa, Media Design, 7th semester, German University in Cairo, 2012
SUPERVISORS Magdalena Kallenberger and Teaching Assistant Hoda Hamouda
TYPE OF WORK Short Film – an Hommage to Chris Marker
An absurd romantic story about Bondoq and a girl.
The Short Film “Bondoq” was produced as a final in the course Montage “An HOMMAGE TO …”  at the Media Design Department of the German University Cairo in summer 2012. The course Montage “An HOMMAGE TO …” introduced students to different cinematic styles, narrative strategies and editing techniques following the path of well acclaimed directors and editors.


Narrated by // Neveen Elhakim
Director of photography // Mohamed Abo El Wafa
Editor // Rana Elgohary
Written & Directed by // Ali Heraize

Art Director // Rana Elgohary
Sound // Ali Heraize
Assistant Director // Farouk Elgohary
Location Manager // Mohamed Abo El Wafa

Bondoq // Bueno
The Girl // Chantal Sherif
Coworker // Mohamed Abo El Wafa
Waiter // Ali Heraize
Merchant // Farouk Elgohary
Lady in the Park // Rana Elgohary

Supervised by //
Magdalena Kallenberger
Hoda Hamouda