Lecture Series “REFLECTIONS ON…” Spring 2012

Lecture Series


organized by Magdalena Kallenberger

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  • is a lecture series presenting professionals from various fields of work: media, design, film, photography…
  • delivers insight into the real working life.
  • discusses strategies to become a professional.
  • connects people.

Filmmakers, artists and designers are invited to present and discuss their works, projects and portfolios.

May 21.05.2012
Amr Ellaithy – Cairo based VFX artist will give an introduction into Visual Effects using the digital compositing software nuke 6.3V1.

May 14.05.2012
Bassem Yousri – Cairo based artist presents works in the field of installation, film, performance & his new campaign “Ma Tikhsarnish” a.k.a SPREAD THE WORLD.

May 07.05.2012
Juri von Krause – Berlin based audio engineer – gives a broad and personal introduction into the art of motion picture sound, production and post-production. Talking about his artistic philosophy and every-day challenges in each of the steps necessary to create the „second 50% of the movie experience“: the audio track.

May 01.05.2012

April 23.04.2012
Toby Binder – Munich based photographer – on visual storytelling, it’s social responsibility and the potential of the single image.

Toby Binder focuses on environmental and social themes in his photographic works. Very early on, his reportage travels led him to Africa, where he documented the mortality rate of mothers in Sierra Leone or the operations in the maternity ward of a Malawi hospital. His photographs have been published in various magazines and daily newspapers, including Die Zeit, the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine and NEON. He was awarded a DAAD scholarship and has won numerous prizes, including the photo competition DokFünf 2010 and the Martin-Lagois prize 2010.


April 16.04.2012
Sham el-Nessim – Holiday – no Lecture

April 09.04.2012
Julia Tieke – radio enthusiast and sound lover from Berlin on recording, editing and presenting within the realm of acoustics.

– Curating / exhibiting sound: “Lieber Künstler, erzähle mir!” – art and audio play
– Editing / broadcasting sound: Wurfsendung / Radio Minis
– Adapting novels for radio: “De Niro’s Game” (70 min radio play)
– Recording sound: Blind Date with Beirut (55 min documentary)
– Field recordings

Julia’s Blog cairo by microphone and other sound projects at Deutschland Radio Kultur

April 02.04.2012
Mid-Term Exams – no Lecture Series

March 19.03.2012
Benedikt Fuhrmann – Bavarian Photographer and Filmmaker presents the emotional power of sound & vision: Large format black and white and colour photographs, tones and soundscapes, moving images, texts unfolding one year of travelling through a deeply fascinating and overwhelmingly diverse, multilayered country – Iran.

www.einblickiran.de – projects website

March 12.03.2012
Sara Sallam – Freelancing Media Designer and undergraduate student on how to become professional. Experiences with interviews, internships and how is it all in the real world.

Sara Sallam’s Portfolio

March 05.03.2012
Omair Barkatulla – Filmmaker & Graphic Designer and new instructor at GUCs graphic design department will present and discuss his self initiated projects, short films, photograph and design works.

Do Buy – a documentary about Dubai. A short look at the aesthetics of the city that grew very fast, ideas of utopia, and the dreamers who come to make it big. (19 mins)

Typography School – A documentary, made in the old British style, featuring my old professor from the London College of Printing, and the dichotomy of learning letterpress type vs using computers. (5 mins)

Hands is a montage of 300 images of hands that I made as part of a survey about colour, and other cultural observations.