UDK BERLIN: The (in)Visible City – Digital Storytelling


The (in)Visible City – Digital Storytelling for New Media Formats and Webzines

by Izabel Menez

“Who is Charlie” by Izabel Menez

In this workshop we will investigate and discuss diverse narrative strategies used by world renowned contemporary artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers. Using these ideas as a launchpad, we will develop our own concepts in digital storytelling for new media formats using motion photography and moving typography based on the animated GIF format.

We will introduce the participants to the animation technique “Cinemagraph” and all together experiment and explore various creative methods to develop our own visual concepts and create our story around “The (in)Visible City” by Italo Calvino.

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The simple state of the art technique “Cinemagraph” makes it possible to reveal hidden spots and urban secrets as well as to highlight, frame and preserve poetical glimpses of everyday life and the spirit of “The (in)visible city”. The aim is to invite people from all over the world to explore the fascinating diversity of Berlins cityscape. Our goal is to create stunning images capturing the essence of a scene, the spirit of a distinct location or a specific neighbourhood in Berlin and its inhabitants by distilling a unique temporal moment. These images will be combined with typographical elements to illustrate a chosen short story, a reportage, an interview or a poem. We will utilize this simple animation technique to emphasize on details and to provoke the viewers imagination by learning to guide the spectators gaze through an unforeseen visual landscape, using an innovative approach and rare breed of moving typography to discover the illustrative potential of digital storytelling based on divers visual styles ranging from the illustrations of Leo Lionni to DADA collages and experiments, Zbigniew Rybczynskis animations to International Typographic Style.

Public presentation 07.08.2015 at 7pm at designtransfer .


The best visual stories you will find at http://the-in-visible-city.tumblr.com/.