[vimeo 37627098#]


STUDENT Sara Sallam and Yacoub Yassin (GUC), Peter Franssen and Alexander Graeff (Furtwangen University,
SUPERVISORS Magdalena Kallenberger, Henriette Bornkamm, Hoda Hamouda (GUC) and Prof. Daniel Fetzner (Furtwangen University)
COURSE Hybrid Media, Winter 2011/12, German University Cairo
TYPE OF WORK cross cultural video collaboration
PRESENTATION Screening, Goethe Institute Cairo, February 2012


A science-fiction in a world that looks like something we used to know. The short film got developed, directed and edited in two cities. A cross cultural video project where communication between the two teams was only through the exchanged video parts.

First and third part by: Sara Sallam and Yacoub Yassin
Second and fourth part by: Peter Franssen and Alexander Graeff



“2022” was part of cross cultural video a collaboration project between the course Hybrid Media at German University in Cairo and Furtwangen University. The focus of this project is referring to new hybrid forms of collaboration on the bases of the “surrealists chain-games” as a starting point for experimental collaborative online projects in form of a virtual dialogue. The video dialogues include performative aspects of communication (text, audio, video, skype) as well as the remixing, transformation and combination of different media to develope new aesthetics of hybridity through the process of collaborative practice in a virtual, online based exchange.

Two teams of two persons each were assigned to each other. One team in Cairo, Egypt, at the German University in Cairo, and the other team at Furtwangen University. in Germany. Each team was given a keyword (2022, Love, Shopping, Holiday, Family, Work, Night, Religion) and were given two weeks to create a short film, everything from the pre production to the post production. The catch is, the movie had to be roughly 1 minute long, and must end with a cliffhanger. After the two weeks, the films would be sent to each other, and the other team had to continue the second part. This went on for four parts.

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