À la recherche du temps perdu – A Digital Graphic Novel


Hereby the city of Berlin – a city in constant flux is our main protagonist. Oscillating between past present and future, we are time travelers collecting location memories of the past and document the city of Berlin using drawings, frottage, photography and typography. The process of visual research and the collected material on the excursion lead to a visual archive which will be the basis for the creation of the digital graphic novel. We will introduce you to different animation and compositing techniques on how to arrange and animate distinct elements of your images and collages. All together we will experiment and explore various creative methods to develop our own visual concepts and to create our digital graphic novel based on “À la recherche du temps perdu”.

In this workshop we created a digital graphic novel based on extracts of „À la recherche du temps perdu“ by Marcel Proust using the animated GIF format.

The workshop results was presented on 12 public digital screens at Berlins metro station „Friedrichstrasse“ in collaboration with WallDecaux.