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„M_from Maintaining“ publication by Maternal Fantasies 2020/21.

WE CARE – a curatorial manifesto by Maternal Fantasies, to be published in Unsettling Feminist Curating. Radical Subjectivities, Caring Alliances, and Striking Relations. A New Anthology edited by Elke Krasny, Lara Perry, Helena Reckitt, Dorothee Richter, 2021


The autonomy of the artist as (m)other – an associative journey of meandering thoughts

… looking at the depiction of Bas Jan Aders project “In Search of the Miraculous” produced between 1973 and 1975. I will be reading and re-reading his work in the context of my individual and personal experience, which is shaped through observations and interaction with the world and the social reality I faced living and working in Cairo, Egypt between 2010 and 2017. /// 2020

"Fake Gleichberechtigung" was published in print issue 11, Arts of the Working Class.

– extracts of nightly monologues

… by a temporary single-mother. Her son was born in 2014 in Cairo. The father left in the summer of 2016. During the following years, the mother used a messenger app to send news and updates to the father, who rarely responded in a timely manner due to the time difference and his tight work schedule. The communication tool became a self-monitoring device to document and record the daily activities and sleeping routine of the two-year-old and consequently the effects on the emotional state of the mother. As Franz Kafka wrote on November 7th, 1921, “The inescapable duty to observe oneself: if someone else is observing me, naturally I have to observe myself too; if no one observes me, I have to observe myself all the closer.”[1]/// 2018.

[1] Bond, M. (ed.) The Diaries of Franz Kafka, 1914–23, Secker and Warburg, London, 1948


Publications and Media Reviews

with Maternal Fantasies

// Essay in ‚Unsettling Feminist Curating‘ edited by Elke Krasny, Lara Perry, Helena Reckitt, Dorothee Richter, upcoming 03/2021

// „Instruments of Care“, Maternal Fantasies, catalogue, M1 Arthur Boskamp foundation in collaboration with Archive Books, upcoming 11/2020.

// Article in, „A Women‘s Work“, publication, European Prospects & Ffotogallery, upcoming 11/2020

// „FAKE Gleichberechtigung – Plädoyer der Fürsorgearbeit als Quelle für eine Zukunft basiert auf Nächstenliebe “ was published in print issue 11, „Faux Culture“, Arts of the Working Class 05/2020. http://artsoftheworkingclass.org/text/fake-gleichberechtigung

// maternal journal #2, The Artist Mother Studio (Washington DC), in partnership with Project for Empty Space, publiziert 09/2019.

//»We are Studio« by Constanze Fischbeck in »Avanti Dilettanti!«, publication, Kunstbüro der Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, 2020.


// „Un/Sichtbare Verbindungen // in/visible connections“, Photo Workshop, Sparkassen Stiftung, Köln with Maternal Fantasies. (postponed to 10/2020) 

// „Collective Writing Workshop“, alpha nova galerie futura, Berlin, 11/2018. Reviews 


// Interview (in German): Radio Salon für Alltägliches


as well as on the international online platforms artist parents index, procreate project archive, m/other voices, http://europeanprospects.org/a-womans-work

lectures and presentations

// „A Women‘s Work“, Symposium, 8 – 12 September 2020, Nida, Lithuania.

// „ fair share! Sichtbarkeit für Künstlerinnen“, demonstration speech & performative action, Womens Day 03/2020, Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin.

// „Maternal Fantasies – Collective artistic strategies of in_visibility towards political agency“, conference „Renegotiating Minoritarian In_Visibilities“, GCSC Justus-Liebig University Gießen 11/19.

// „Maternal Fantasies – collective art production as a tool of fertile resistance“, conference „Resistance is Fertile“, Goldsmiths University of London. 09/2019.

// „Radical Film Network Meeting“, presentation, Silent Green Kulturquartier, Berlin, May 2019.

// „Kunst und Kind Berlin“, presentation, Networking Meeting, 2019.

2019 // Article, „The Terrible Two“, in Sophie Hamacher (Hg.) „(Super)vision: Motherhood and Surveillance“ Orbis Editions / Andy Warhol Foundation 2019.

2016 // „The Poster is Dead! Long live the Poster“, Article in „100 Best Arabic Poster“ Katalog 2016.

2016 // Article, „Cinemagraphs of Ard al-Lewa“ in Panorama Mada Masr, 04/2016

with Cairo Bats

2018 // Review, Süddeutsche Zeitung, ‚Afrika denkt sich selbst‘ by Jonathan Fischer, 12.03.2018.

2018 // Review, DIPTYK Magazin, ‚Afrique Express‘ by Jeanne Mercier, issue 43, Dakar, Morocco and France.

2017 // Review, Photography and New Media from the Arab World, Issue 05, Dubai, U.A.E. Review, Aperture, Issue 224, ‘Dispatches: Cairo’, by Ismail Fayed, NY, USA.

2016 // Review, Al Ahram, ‘The Cairo Bats’, by Soha Elsirgany, Cairo, Egypt.

2016 // Feature, Girls Like Us Magazine, issue #8 – Family, ‘Cairo Bats‘, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2016 // Review, Al Watan, ’The Cairo Bats’, arabic, Cairo, Egypt.

2016 // Article, „Cinemagraphs of Ard al-Lewa“ in Panorama Mada Masr, 04/2016

The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers

2013 // Article, „Raumtausch Case Study Berlin“ in „Global Prayers. Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City.“ Jochen Becker, Katrin Klingan, Stephan Lanz, Kathrin Wildner (Eds.): Lars Mueller Publishers, Zurich. 2013.

2012 // Article, „Raumtausch / Berlin“ in metroZones (Ed.): Faith is the Place. b_books, Berlin. Page 18-37. 2011 Review, zu Video „Curfew“ in Badische Zeitung “Ein ironischer Reflex” von Hartmut Buchholz. 07/2011

2012 // „The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers“ and „Raumtausch – Case Study Berlin“, was widely featured by various media: Arte-Metropolis, DIE ZEIT/Christ&Welt, CAMERA AUSTRIA, Die Wochenzeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung CAMERA AUSTRIA, DRadio Wissen, Deutschlandfunk, WDR Funkhaus Europa, Flux FM.