Shahid Kazemi Park


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One of the first places I get to know in Tehran was Kazemi Park. Kazemi Park is situated next to the highway coming from the airport and belongs to a district that is well known for unemployment, criminality and a lot of social problems. Because of the political situation and the fact that in most islamic societies there is a big distance between private and public, I was totally surprised to see how much crowded this park is from the early evening till midnight. There are masses of people sitting around with picnics and barbeques, playing volleyball and badminton, youngsters are cruising around with their motorcycles, kids are having fun at the playground and a lot of other things are going on. After midnight the atmosphere changes. The families are going home and the park gets empty step by step. Now there are just some groups of male youngsters remaining. Some of them are on drugs and walking around or sitting in groups together bothering other people.