In-Between / Half here – half there (in production 2009/2010)

A videoessay about the HERE and THERE, a life in-between Orient and Occident, and individual experiences of ongoing political and social changes in Tehran/Iran.

in-between – 2 month in Tehran

Documentary „in-between“, current work in process, focuses on the status and space of a life in-between the Orient and Occident. Using my role as a documentary filmmaker I am following a group of young Iranians, global nomads and second generation re-immigrants, who call themselves „Cosmopolitain Tehran“. In a weekly rhythm they meet each other to exchange experiences, celebrate parties, visit concerts cultivating a western style of living within the Tehran possibilities. How got these individual lifes affected by political and social changes within the backdrop of the Iranian Presidental Elections of 2009 and its aftermath?

Azadeh, Amir, Amirali, Bijan, Joseph, Golnar, Kianoosh, Kamran, Maryam, Narges, Reza, Siavash … unknown faces and their stories. Sometimes fictionalized because truth can cause danger. How did they experience the aftermath of the Iranian Presidential Election in 2009? How did daily life in Tehran got affected? Tracing different protagonists „In-Between“ collects voices and individual experiences of a historical turning point. Inside-out. Lively scenes of daily life in Tehran. Calm, accurately composed long takes of the private spaces. Days of protest and the days in-between. Documenting hope and fear, adrenalin and depression, enthousiasm and anger, “In-Between” allows a glance at the current state of the Iranian society.

The project is (financially) supported by the Berliner Senat Program „künstlerischen Nachwuchsförderung“ (NaFöG) and the DAAD German Academic Council.

in Production: 2009/2010