Artistic Research // IN-BETWEEN – Foranians

Photography, Tehran, Iran 2008

The photo serie “Foranians” is part of the artistic research project “IN-BETWEEN: half here – half there” by Magdalena Kallenberger. The artistic research project investigates the space and status of the IN-BETWEEN, a life in-between Orient and Occident. “IN-BETWEEN” focuses on global nomads, second generation iranian immigrants living in London, LA, Berlin, Amsterdam … and in-between Tehran. Individual experiences of ongoing political and social changes and the desire to have an identity and a home in a globalized world.

The artistic research project “IN-BETWEEN” consists of interviews, photography, film & video works. “IN-BETWEEN” was financally supported by Berlin Funding for Graduates (NaFöG) (2009-2010) and the DAAD German Academic Exchange Service (2008, 2009-2010) and realized in Tehran, London and Berlin.