Magdalena Kallenberger

Magdalena Kallenberger, born in the south of Germany, is a Cairo based artist and filmmaker working with still and moving images, interviews, text and sound. She has studied in Rotterdam and Berlin, where she graduated with a first class diploma and was awarded with a postgraduate “Meisterschüler” degree in Klasse Medienkunst at the University of the Arts Berlin. Her works have been exhibited and screened internationally and got awarded with several prizes and scholarships (DAAD, Elsa-Neumann Scholarship, Senate of Berlin). She was involved in several interdisciplinary artistic research projects and conducted various cross-cultural media workshops in Berlin, Budapest, Cairo and Tehran. In her artistic research projects she is mostly interested in unconventional narrative strategies questioning the status of reality in-between fictional elements and documentary techniques. In summer 2010 she moved to Cairo, Egypt to work as a full-time lecturer (media conception and film) at the German University in Cairo, where she got appointed Head of Media Design Department in 2015. 2016/17 she was Professor of Practice at the American University in Cairo, Department of the Arts. She is Co-founder and active member of the female artist collective Cairo Bats.

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