Artistic Research / Pin Hole Photography

“The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers / Case Study Berlin” an artistic research project by Magdalena Kallenberger and Dorothea Nold

Pinhole Camera

Long exposures with the pinhole camera

For the entire duration of the service, a large-format camera with a pinhole exposed one picture which then reveals the condensation of all features and elements, movements and moods. Although the photograph does not render the music and sounds, it depicts everything that makes up the atmosphere and the alteration of the space. While the moment of the photo is otherwise determined by the intervention of the photographer, in this case it was the atmosphere and the alteration of the space that was recorded by the camera over a period of one-and-a-half hours. When setting up the camera, we had no idea what the resulting picture will look like.
Time was captured and inextricably woven into what is visible and the movements. There was no shutter release, no mechanical sound. The condensation of time created pictures of “released” experiences. The photographs are metaphors of this process of documenting what cannot be documented and the attempt at capturing a period of time and relating that which is felt, experienced and performed. How does a sacred space evolve? For some, it is the physical alteration of the space, for others the community (documented by the pinhole camera) that is experienced during the service as condensed time, giving rise to a special atmosphere.