Staging the City – Cairo Cinemagraphs

A Project by Magdalena Kallenberger // Assistant: Abla Mohamed

Staging the City – Cairo Cinemagraphs is an ongoing project documenting public spaces in Cairo. We are looking for small sceneries, little interactions, and untold stories happening within the frame. Small shops, snack bars, bakeries, and other small businesses, their owners and employees, street sellers, and passers-by in different districts of Cairo. Small moments and random incidents, are captured and repeated in an endless loop. The starting point is always one street or square, where we spend one day observing, filming, and documenting. So far we were in Downtown, Dokki, Heliopolis , and Ard El Lewa. Further excursions to New Cairo, Giza, Shubra, Maadi and other parts of town are in progress.