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‚Ctrl+Alt+Del’ She Said.

Lisa Glauer // Magdalena Kallenberger 



31.3.–27.4.2019 //
Mi-Sa // 16:00–19:00

Eröffnung & Artist Talk

30.3.2019 // 19:00
20:00, Artist Talk. Moderation: Margarita Certeza Garcia


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Brad Downey
Jeewi Lee
Magdalena Kallenberger
Michael Gessner
Anina Brisolla
Lukasz Furs

eingeladen von Anina Brisolla

Laufzeit bis 09.02. – 03.03.2019

geöffnet samstags von 15 bis 18 Uhr
und nach Rücksprache:

SCHAU FENSTER, Raum für Kunst, Lobeckstr. 30-35, 10969 Berlin
U8/M29 Moritzplatz

Superheroines — what makes them? How do characters, desires, and ideas change depending on the socio-political context of their creators? How do superheroines become role models in a world shaped by inequality?

The group exhibition “Superheroines and visionary associates for everyday challenges” @ alpha nova will feature a new work by the artist collective “Maternal Fantasies” — initiated by yours truly. 

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Maternal Fantasies